The primary goal of ELDOA is to decompress (decoaptate) a specific joint and create space. There is an ELDOA for every joint in the body.

When ELDOA “creates” space, it improves:

- joint mechanics

- increased blood flow

- reduced pressure on the discs

- reduction of pain

- spinal disc rehydration

- improved posture

- A new sense of awareness and well being

1. Who is ELDOA for?

Anyone! Or anyone who is experiencing back pain or a pain in any joint can greatly benefit. You have pain in a joint because there is too much pressure to remove pressure you have two possibilities, surgery or ELDOA

2. I have been having pain for years can this still benefit me?

Absolutely - NOW is always the right time to address these problems

3. I have a spinal fusion, can I still do ELDOA?

Yes - but please contact me before class begins because you specifically will work a different area then the discs that are fused

4. How long is a class?

Class is about 45-50mins long

5. If I have a disc herniation, should I take this class?

Yes, you absolutely should take this class! These exercises are specifically designed to decompress the spine and create space.

6. How long is each position held?

Each position is held for 1 minute

7. Is it like yoga?

No, this is not like yoga. ELDOAs are designed to "create space" (decoapt) within a precise joint or a segment of the spine. This is accomplished by creating fascial tension to fix the vertebra below and contraction in extreme range to normalize the vertebra above the targeted disc. By creating myofascial tension (tension in the fascia), the ELDOA can affect the tissue, ligaments, nervous tissues, and organs associated with that joint or spinal segment. There are ELDOAs for the spine, sacro-illiac joint, shoulders, hips, ribs, and skull.