Meet Rachael.

Here at Align Movement, I take a holistic approach to the body. I do this by looking at the relationship of musculature in your body and find where specific tension may be resulting in pain. My mission is to provide you with a full body treatment plan, teach you new awareness of your body and educate you, the methodology that I use is being used in professional, collegiate sports and so many more. It is slowly transitioning how health care providers and trainers treat their athletes, prenatal & post-partum women and rehabilitate patients.  I will help realign your movement, create strength where there is weakness to help reach your goals, and provide you the knowledge to free yourself of pain with movement.

My multi-disciplinary approach allows me to challenge you both mentally and physically. Which will make you work hard, stay strong, motivated, and ready for any task you want to perform!


Osteopathic Manual Therapy


Prenatal and Post-Partum Women

1:1 Training

Low Back and Diastasis Healing

Zoom Classes


Private Training

1:1 Specialized Training

"I have been very fortunate to have used the services of a trainer for many years. Rachael, from Align Movement, has been superior in all areas of training (workouts, Pilates and sports massage for related injuries) than anyone I have ever used. She is very much involved in the health of her client’s not just through a training session, but also through designing exercises to suit me individually that I can do on my own. Her sessions are safe, practical and effective that work to improve physical and mental health. She is a committed student of physiology and anatomy always taking courses to better herself and her clients. My wife and other family members are ardent followers, utilizing her skills weekly and at times more often. She has an endearing personality that makes her challenging sessions enjoyable and rewarding. My family can attest to positive results physically and mentally as a result of training with her."

— Barry E

"I have been working with Rachael at Align Movement for about three and a half years, seeing her a couple times a week. I am a male in my 40s and work hard to stay in shape using traditional training methods – running, lifting, etc. Despite a satisfactory fitness level, I could feel my body getting tighter and tighter and I also had some areas in need of physical therapy. In my first meeting with Rachael, she spent a full hour interviewing me and understanding my needs.

I couldn’t ask for a better experience than the one I’ve had with her. She has a wealth of experience including, but not limited to, physical therapy, pilates and yoga. Rachael is always learning and adding to her skill set and genuinely cares about how I’m doing. I have tried a number of different programs in the past – including three levels of P90X and Insanity – and she has taught me many movements that I’ve never seen before. Even better than the physical improvements that I’ve made (and I am amazed by how much better my body feels and how I can perform) is the fact that she goes out of her way to explain each movement so I understand it and can continue to improve on my own. She is flexible and generous with her time and changes up what we do every session to meet my specific day’s needs and to avoid monotony. I am in the best shape that I’ve been in over the last 25 years because Rachael has helped me overcome any and all obstacles, whether they be minor injuries or progress plateaus. I run a couple of 5Ks every year and everyone that I’ve run since I’ve worked with Rachael has been faster that the last. I highly recommend Align Movement and Rachael!"