Rachael is a mom to two boys under two! She specializes in orthopedic dysfunction, in both pregnancy and post-partum. She is a licensed massage therapist and a Pregnancy and Post-Partum Exercise Specialist. She is on the forefront of treatments and solutions for all types of challenges. 
Rachael understands the demand that pregnancy puts on the body and the recovery needed post-partum. She has dealt with SI joint pain, back pain and diastasis and has recovered from all dysfunctions and has never felt stronger. She has also experienced both vaginal and c-section births, so she understands the differences in healing time to provide you with the best solutions.
Looking at the complexity of the body and understanding relations are very important. Her knowledge of the body will help you get down to the source of the problem so you can alleviate all symptoms you may have. Her experience comes from Osteopathic teachings along with specialized exercises called ELDOA. Along with years of experience working with all different orthopedic issues. Due to her education and experience, she can provide the best care with an assortment of tools, because no ONE body is the same.

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