What is ELDOA?

ELDOA translates into (Longitudinal Osteoarticular Decoaptation Stretches, and is taken from the French Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire)


The basic principle at work during an ELDOA consists of creating a position that will target a specific functional unit of a joint. This joint can be in the spine, hip, shoulder, etc. This means that the inferior (top) segment is fixed while the superior (bottom) segment is mobilized. This position is created to place all inferior and superior myofascial chains under tension.


Many pains, arthrosis, neurological pinching, disc compression and articular lesions result from compactions, compressions and/or articular blocks. As an effective solution to these ailments, ELDOAs consist of very precise postures which target relief in a specific articulation. The advantage of these postures is that once you learn them, they take only a minute a day to perform. These exercises help deco-op and add more fluidity to the joints.

Cortico-corporeal awareness is crucial in order to maintain precision of these tension, which combined with active diaphragm and passion cranio-pelvic breathing will generate the targeted osteo-articular de-copatation.

How does ELDOA benefit me?

·      Normalize Disc bulge

·       Reduce degrees of scoliosis

·       Increased flexibility

·       Improve posture

·       Reduce joint inflammation and arthrosis

·       Delay disc degeneration

·       Increase disc hydration

·       Increase blood flow

·       Improve muscle performance and tone

·       Relieve chronic and acute back pain

·       Relieve neck and shoulder tension

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Our Classes are designed with you in mind. Each class is there to support you and your needs. Be ready to ask questions if you have them and move your body in ways you didn't think possible! You'll be leaving feeling taller, stronger and light on your feet! ELDOA is a class built for strength to improve posture and reduce pressure on joints. These exercises will be in combination with proprioception, myofascial stretching and osteo-articular movements. Your body will be forever changed after this!